Navigating the Maze of Home Weather Stations

We have always had a fascination with weather - how else would we start a conversation?

For many of us the interest goes further. What's the temperature outside? When is it going to stop raining? Is that hurricane coming this way?

All these and many more questions can be answered from the information and predictions provided by home weather stations - which are basically a combination of outdoor sensors sending constantly updating weather information by radio or cable to an indoor console.

Courtesy of Davis Instruments But what sort of weather station will suit you?

It's an important question, with many answers depending on just what sort of information you want to see.

For home weather stations range from inexpensive gadgets which provide a limited amount of data to state of the art sensors and display units which can be set up to link to your computer, manage your garden irrigation system, and even broadcast your backyard
weather to the world.

And like most consumer items these days, it's a good idea to assume that there is a direct correspondence between price and quality- you get what you pay for.

But there is still plenty of room to move, because between weather stations which are not much more than toys and sophisticated instruments designed more for commercial and emergency use than for general interest there is a wide range of home weather stations, including plenty which should suit all your requirements.

But how will you choose? It's not easy to wade through the mass of data on home weather stations and come to a sensible buying decision.

That's where this website will help you. As it builds, every currently available home weather station will be reviewed. Image courtesy of Davis Instruments

Overviews, strengths, weaknesses, features and performance will all be described and discussed, allowing you to make an informed decision about the best make and model for you.

Comparison charts will also help to make your decision easier.

This site will work best if you already have a short list and want to compare the strong and weak points of your selected contenders.

If you are not sure just what you need, click over to the sister site Home Weather Stations Guide, which provides invaluable information on choosing and using your own Home Weather Station, including an overview on the types of weather stations available from simple to robust agricultural and industrial models.

See something you like there? Then come back to these pages for the detailed information and an unbiased review of good and bad points.

Make your selection, and join the ever growing community of happy home weather station owners.

Images courtesy of Davis Instruments


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