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La Crosse Weather Stations - Serious Contenders in the Affordable Home Weather Station Market


La Crosse Technology produces an extensive range of home weather stations, all based on wireless signal transmission. They range from simple outdoor temperature recorders to sophisticated weather stations which monitor all significant components of the weather, from temperature through to wind speed and direction. La Crosse also manufacture the range sold through Weather Channel stores, some of which are identical to La Crosse models, while others are slight variations. The Weather Channel weather stations will be reviewed elsewhere.

 La Cross WS-2317 Professional Weather CenterIn the last two or three years, most of the range has been modified to incorporate an increased transmission range, a more stable transmitting frequency, and more robust sensors. At the top of the range, some La Crosse Professional Weather Centers can be linked directly to your computer, allowing you to go online and provide details of your local weather to the rest of the world.

Together with Oregon Scientific, La Crosse's catalog of weather stations provides good quality instruments at budget prices. They are not toys, and you can expect them to provide good service over a number of years. All La Crosse weather instruments come with a 0ne Year Guarantee covering parts and workmanship, and are accompanied by well designed and easily understandable manuals - a real plus in the field of home weather stations.

La Crosse WS-8035 Forecast Station

So far, however, La Crosse weather stations do not provide a product that matches the Davis Vantage Pro2 range of home weather stations, which set the standard in reasonably priced weather instruments with their reliable and multi functional equipment.

But the Davis Vantage Pro2 range is not cheap, and less expensive entry level home weather stations make a lot of sense if you are starting out in home weather monitoring. And it is with these weather and temperature stations that La Crosse will have a product that suits you.La Crosse WS-9029 Temperature-Humidity StationLa Crosse WS-9020









Follow the links on the side to unbiased reviews of La Crosse home weather stations. The reviews are grouped to allow easy comparison of similar instruments, including several models which are designed to provide you with reasonably accurate day to day forecasts for your immediated area.

The review pages follow the categories at the La Crosse website. If you go there, disregard the prices -  almost all retailers offer substantial discounts, particularly online. So far, I have found that Amazon usually offers the lowest prices, either directly or through associated vendors. Follow this link to get an idea of the level of prices you can expect to pay for La Crosse Home Weather Stations

For more information on the full range of La Crosse Home Weather Stations visit the sister site, .Home Weather Stations Guide

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